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Affiliate Partners

Dr. Dawn Kingston

Dr. Dawn Kingston is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. She is an expert in women’s mental health and is the inaugural recipient of a research chair through the Lois Hole Hospital for Women (Lois Hole Hospital for Women Cross-Provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health). Dr. Kingston is an international leader in developing and testing e-technology models to deliver effective, sustainable, and accessible mental health care.She can be reached at

Harjot Singh, M.D.

Harjot Singh M.D. joined the Center for Influential Leadership in November 2018, from He helps healthcare leaders accelerate their success in all dimensions of work and life. By systematically eliminating stress & overwhelm to create time & energy, engaging their teams, and building strong powerbase, his clients are able to crush performance indicators, advance their careers, and live lives based on their values filled with purpose. Dr. Harjot can be contacted at and

Shirley Wulf

Shirley Wulf is President of BehaviorSmarts, and an affiliate partner with the Center for Influential Leadership. As a teacher/student of living and leading with value-based intention and purpose, her goal is to help individuals become remarkable leaders and lead meaningful lives. Shirley can be contacted at

Catherine Osborne, MBA, PMP

Catherine Osborne, MBA, PMP, is a facilitator for leadership andmanagement guiding existing leaders and future leaders to the next level in their journey to Influential Leadership for increased productivity and organizational performance. Focusing on strengthening individual behavior, her training and coaching brings an awareness and understanding to the need for mind health and behavioural capacity in today’s chaotic and ambiguous work environment. Catherine can be contacted at

John L. Roberts, MA

John L. Roberts, MA, has over 32 years of professional experience in both healthcare and leadership development. He has served as President of Midwest Health Consultants, Inc. for the past 12 years. The firm has considerable expertise in the areas of rural health care, strategic planning, association management and the implementation of performance improvement activities such as the balanced scorecard and lean healthcare. Prior to starting his own consulting firm, he was a lobbyist with the Nebraska Hospital Association for 12 years and served as assistant administrator of a small rural hospital in western Nebraska for six years. John can be contacted at

About Our Founder

Michael E. Frisina is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author. He has developed leaders and organizational teams worldwide. Every year he speaks to national and international healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations and audiences as diverse as engineers to organ procurement organizations. He is a featured speaker for the American Hospital Association, The American College of Health Care Executives, The Joint Commission, and The South Carolina Hospital Association. His work in healthcare leadership, safety, Carolina Hospital Association. His work in healthcare leadership, safety, and quality has been recognized by The Joint Commission in their publication, Doing the Right Things Right.

Dr. Frisina retired from the United States Army having served in The Medical Service Corps in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility throughout his career. He completed post-graduate studies at Cambridge University in England, served as a faculty member and subject matter expert in leadership and ethics at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and School of Medicine, Bethesda, MD.

Prior to entering civilian healthcare, Dr. Frisina served as consultant to the Army Surgeon General for medical research and development and to the Department of Defense Human Genome Project. He is a Visiting Fellow in Medical Humanities at the Medical College of Pennsylvania and a Visiting Scholar at The Hastings Center.

When people are
emotionally disconnected
from their leaders, they are
emotionally disconnected
from their work and its

Dr. Michael E. Frisina

About The Frisina Group And The Center For Influential Leadership

Awareness of yourself and how you work with others is the path to greater leadership influence, personal and professional growth, and ultimate success. At the Center for Influential Leadership our powerful and practical learning experiences are tailored to your specific performance challenges. We help you develop the ability to act with awareness and intention, to respond to your performance challenges with greater confidence, and to create profound and positive change in your leaders, your people, to drive peak performance throughout your organization.