Championship Mode

Dec 30, 2019

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At The Frisina Group we are very big sports fans, particularly of college football. Watching these events weekly we are repeat with leadership lessons and anecdotes. As you probably know we are in what some coveted teams call their “championship mode” as we just finished the conferences championships and approach the college football playoff, many of the best teams in college football are vying for the goal, that of a national championship. These teams didn’t get to this position by simply trying to compete. These teams and their coaching staffs have honed their teams to achieve peak levels of performance. This is no easy feat, there are 130 Division 1 College Football teams trying to get in one of four spots in the College Football playoff. Each week coaching staffs have to get 11 young men to work together so that they can defeat 11 other young men who are trying to win as well. This is no easy task, and neither is your workplace. However as leaders we have to bring “championship mode” thinking and behavior everyday into the workplace, and like a college football coach it is your responsibility , as the leader, to find ways to create a cohesive team of coworkers to achieve championship level performance. College Football championships don’t just happen, they require extreme amounts of effort and motivation. The same is true for achieving performance in your team.

Some surveys show that as many as half of American workers feel low levels of work engagement stemming in part from poor leadership. If any one person, regardless of technical ability, cannot connect and cooperate with other people, their technical expertise will not advance the goals and objectives of the team.

In virtually every organization one person is universally regarded as detrimental to the mission, vision, values, and strategies of the enterprise. This is the person whom others would like to fire had they the authority to do so. No organization needs a team member like this. Remember, no organization can become what its people are not; if employees are mediocre, the organization will be mediocre. If an employee exhibits toxic behavior, the organization will exhibit toxic behavior. No aspect of this scenario can be good for the overall performance of any organization.

Poor behavior will never drive performance. Without a cooperative attitude, disruptive competition and conflict reign – two conditions in which errors are highly likely, staff morale and motivation are low, performance is inconsistent and unreliable, communication and cooperation are nonexistent, and everyone has a secret agenda. Does any of this sound like a place in “championship mode” day in and day out?




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