How do I know I have an engaged and committed workforce?

Feb 10, 2020

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It is not uncommon in today’s business culture to find organizations where someone is in charge of engagement as though you could assign it or delegate it. You cannot create a culture of engagement through an organizational chart. Where you see this, you know senior leadership doesn’t understand what is required to create a culture where all employees are motivated to do their best every day. They should instead focus on creating positive relationships and building positive reinforcement into the workplace, from the top down. Employees, who are encouraged, encourage others more often. When it starts at the top, it multiplies as it flows to the front line. Therefore, if it doesn’t occur at the top, it limits what will occur in the rest of the organization. All leaders want an engaged workforce, and many leaders think they have one when they don’t. So how do you know where your employees stand on engagement? Here are five sure-tell ways of knowing.

  1. They willingly lend a hand to co-workers, even when they aren’t asked.
  2. They aren’t clock watchers; they often show up early or even stay late.
  3. They openly offer ideas and solutions for improvements.
  4. They acknowledge the accomplishments of others and are pleased with their success.
  5. They quickly volunteer to lead or assist in implementing initiatives outside their immediate work area.

While these five indicators are not all inclusive of engagement indicators, they do constitute a reliable checklist for organizations to evaluate their efforts to create an engaged workforce. You cannot change what you do not measure and you cannot measure what you do not know. It is important that you evaluate your organization for engagement and create a tactical capacity to develop it and sustain it. Those who do will find themselves off the engagement roller coaster and moving on to higher levels of productivity and organizational performance.




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