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Training Courses

Why do many training initiatives fail? Although employees might like attending the training, all too often, the real objective — creating measurable behavioral change across an organization’s entire leadership community — is not achieved. An effective learning program involves an equation that includes the ability to scale to all employees while delivering a highly engaging experience that influences both their hearts and minds.

In the workshops and training seminars conducted by Dr. Michael E. Frisina you will learn what is really needed to create truly effective leadership and training initiatives that will build your leadership bench strength and ultimately help you achieve your organizational objectives. His focused approached to behavior based learning explore key criteria such as shifting from a training event to a learning process, moving from limited audiences to a broader leadership community within your organization and measuring both the learning and the performance-based outcomes.

About The Frisina Group And The Center For Influential Leadership

Awareness of yourself and how you work with others is the path to greater leadership influence, personal and professional growth, and ultimate success. At the Center for Influential Leadership our powerful and practical learning experiences are tailored to your specific performance challenges. We help you develop the ability to act with awareness and intention, to respond to your performance challenges with greater confidence, and to create profound and positive change in your leaders, your people, to drive peak performance throughout your organization.